Mission Impossible? FBI wants to be cool enough to recruit hackers


After a series of high-profile cyberattacks against individuals and organisations in the US, the FBI is increasing its efforts to combat cybercrime, including adopting a new approach to recruiting hackers.

The agency has had long-standing issues attracting people from the hacking community to work for them, over staying independent or working in the private sector. But, in a recent speech, FBI director James Comey said the agency is now “working very hard” to “be a whole lot cooler than you may think we are”, in efforts to get people with cyberattack and cyberdefence skills to work for them.

Comey said that the FBI is looking to staff its cyberattack response teams, specifically the Cyber Threat Team and the Cyber Act Team (CAT) – which he called the “fly team” – who are deployed “at a moment’s notice” to provide on-location support during investigations.

Mission Impossible? FBI wants to be cool enough to recruit hackers

Hackers Claim Credit for Pokemon Go No-Go

2016.07.26 01

Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that has become an overnight sensation, experienced sluggish performance over the weekend, possibly from a hacker attack on its login servers.

Shortly after Pokemon Go devs tweeted that the game was rolling out to 26 additional countries, this tweet appeared:

2016.07.26 02

The next day the Pokemon Go team announced that the issues causing the server problem had been fixed and that players once again could search for Pokemon in the real world.

In the interim, though, two hacker groups — OurMine and PoodleCorp — claimed they had crippled the servers with Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

Hackers Claim Credit for Pokemon Go No-Go