Attack-for-Hire Teens Collared in Israel


At the request of the FBI, Israeli authorities last week arrested Itay Huri and Yarden Bidani, both 18 years old, for operating vDOS, a DDoS-for-hire service that raked in more than half a million dollars in two years.

DDoS attacks flood websites with garbage data in order to disrupt their operation and deny users access.

The pair were questioned and released after posting bond of about US$10,000 each, according to TheMarker, an Israeli news site. In addition, the duo’s passports were seized, they were placed under house arrest for 10 days, and they were barred from using the Internet or any telecommunications equipment for 30 days.

The arrests occurred at around the same time that Krebs on Security published a report on vDOS.

vDOS revenues for the past two years exceeded $600,000, and the service launched more than 150,000 DDoS attacks on behalf of its customers, Krebs reported.

Attack-for-Hire Teens Collared in Israel

Hackers Claim Credit for Pokemon Go No-Go

2016.07.26 01

Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that has become an overnight sensation, experienced sluggish performance over the weekend, possibly from a hacker attack on its login servers.

Shortly after Pokemon Go devs tweeted that the game was rolling out to 26 additional countries, this tweet appeared:

2016.07.26 02

The next day the Pokemon Go team announced that the issues causing the server problem had been fixed and that players once again could search for Pokemon in the real world.

In the interim, though, two hacker groups — OurMine and PoodleCorp — claimed they had crippled the servers with Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

Hackers Claim Credit for Pokemon Go No-Go