Microsoft to sell mixed-reality headset and controllers for $399, undercutting Oculus

2017.05.12 01

Microsoft just added a pair of motion controllers to its recently announced mixed-reality headset, and the combo price of $399 beats a similar hardware pairing from Oculus Rift by $200.

Mixed reality, also known as augmented reality, layers holographic images over the real world. Many experts say that eventually this technology will lead to the next generation of computers that will do away with physical laptops and keyboards.

At Build, Cirque du Soleil executives came on stage to demonstrate how they’ll begin using HoloLens to create virtual stages that eliminate the need for building costly real stage prototypes.

Although mixed reality have proven to be a huge hit on smartphones — take last summer’s Pokemon Go craze — one of the biggest hurdles for both virtual and augmented reality remains price, as well as content.

Microsoft to sell mixed-reality headset and controllers for $399, undercutting Oculus

Is Snapchat planning to build an AR device?


Speculation that Snapchat may be planning a piece of hardware has been building for several months. CNET reported in March that Snapchat had hired several wearable technology experts, while in 2014, the company acquired Vergence Labs, a start-up which develops wearables similar to the Google Glass.

As opposed to virtual reality, which immerses a user in a computer generated environment, augmented reality overlays the real world with computer graphics and information. The best example of augmented reality is the Pokemon Go app, which made headlines over the summer.

Is Snapchat planning to build an AR device?