Apple’s HomePod Set to Barge Into Hot Speaker Market

2018.01.26 01

HomePod, Apple’s long-awaited entry into the torrid smart speaker market, will be available Feb. 9, the company announced Tuesday.

The HomePod, which is not quite 7 inches tall, will be offered in white and space gray. It can be pre-ordered at Apple’s website for US$349 starting Friday.

Unlike other smart speakers, which support a variety of music services out of the gate, HomePod will support the Apple Music subscription service exclusively.

Although Apple Music has a catalog of 45 million songs, that limitation could curb initial sales of the product, noted Ross Rubin, principal analyst at Reticle Research.

Apple’s HomePod Set to Barge Into Hot Speaker Market

2017: More Apple Security Flaws, Cyberattacks, Hacktivisim


More security vulnerabilities will appear in the software of Adobe and Apple than in Microsoft’s, more attacks on the Internet’s infrastructure will occur, and cybersecurity events will stoke international tensions. Those are a few of the predictions for 2017 that security experts shared with TechNewsWorld.

Users of Apple desktops and laptops for years have been relatively insulated from the kinds of malicious activity that has besieged those in the Windows world, but that’s going to change next year, warned Trend Micro.

More software flaws will affect Adobe and Apple in 2017, compared to Microsoft, the company noted in a security predictions report.

Declining PC sales and an exodus to mobile platforms have dampened interest in targeting devices running Windows, Trend Micro explained. Microsoft also has upped its security game in recent times, which has made it more difficult for attackers to find vulnerabilities in Windows.

2017: More Apple Security Flaws, Cyberattacks, Hacktivisim

All the New Features in macOS Sierra


Apple’s just released macOS Sierra, and while it’s a minor update, it does include Siri, a universal clipboard, and a handful of other new features. Let’s take a quick look at all the new stuff.

  • Siri Lands on Your Mac
  • Siri Gives Notification Center More Purpose
  • Universal Copy-Paste Between Your Mac and iPhone, Unlock Your Mac with Your Apple Watch
  • iCloud Drive Expands to Include Your Desktop and Documents
  • Photos on Mac Gets All the New Features of Photos on iOS
  • Optimized Storage Clears Up Disc Space
  • Apple Music Gets a Little Easier to Use
  • Nearly Every App Gets Tabs
  • Safari Adds Picture-in-Picture Mode

All the New Features in macOS Sierra

New Apple Products Have the Right Gaming Stuff


Apple is making a bid to attract gaming fans to the more powerful graphics and processing power embedded in its new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 products.

The iPhone 7, which became available on Friday, features the new A10 Fusion chip — the most powerful ever in a smartphone, according to the company. The CPU fuses two high-performance cores that run twice as fast as the iPhone 6 with much more efficient use of battery power. The phone’s improved graphics performance makes it suitable for more intensive gaming.

In a surprise appearance at the Apple event, Nintendo Creative Fellow Shigeru Miyamoto (pictured above), the legendary game designer behind the Donkey Kong and Super Mario franchises, introduced Super Mario Run — the first mobile version of the iconic game, which will make its debut on iPhone 7.

“We want as many people as possible all around the world to be able to enjoy playing as Mario,” he told the audience through a translator.

Smartphone makers often use mobile games as a way to showcase the latest advances in hardware and performance capabilities, noted Jack Kent, director of operators and mobile media at IHS Markit. However, the jury is still out on how much gaming apps influence new sales.

“A more common hardware feature that drives new smartphone purchases is the camera — which Apple devoted a lot of attention to at its launch event,” Kent told TechNewsWorld.

Game developers likely will have a wait-and-see attitude about writing new apps for the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch, said Lewis Ward, research director for gaming at IDC.

“It’s always a chicken-or-egg issue for third-party developers. The new tech is sexy, and you want to take advantage of the available enhancements,” he told TechNewsWorld, “but the installed base starts off so small that you’d blow a hole in your foot — or at least your P&L statement — if you developed a game that ran on the latest iPhone or Apple Watch.

New Apple Products Have the Right Gaming Stuff

5 genius ways to repurpose your old iPhone


If you’re swooning over the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it doesn’t mean you have to ditch your old iPhone. It’s been your trusty companion — you can’t just toss it out with yesterday’s leftover lunch.

It’s also bad for the environment, our wallets, and our junk drawers.

Here are five easy DIY transformations to turn your old smartphone into something awesome.

  1. A truly universal remote
  2. Cool new alarm clock
  3. Make it an action cam
  4. Keep an eye on the place
  5. A dedicated digital camera

5 genius ways to repurpose your old iPhone

Everything Apple Announced Today At Their iPhone 7 Event That Actually Matters


Today, Apple hit the stage to announce the new iPhone 7, which features a fancy new camera and a water resistant enclosure. They also made a bunch of other announcements, from a new Apple Watch to the death of the headphone jack. If you didn’t feel like wasting hours watching their press conference, here’s everything you need to know.

  • The iPhone 7 Is Water Resistant, Finally Ups to the Base Storage, and Ships on September 16
  • Apple Wants to Kill the Headphone Jack
  • The iPhone’s Camera Gets a 12 Megapixel Upgrade, Includes Image Stabilization, and a Wider Color Gamut
  • Apple AirPods Are $160 Wireless Headphones You Will Absolutely Lose, or Have to Charge Regularly
  • iOS 10 Launches Tuesday, September 13
  • The Apple Watch Series 2 Launches September 16, Adds GPS, Is Water Resistant Up to 50 Meters
  • iWork Gets Real-Time Collaboration
  • There’s a Mario Game Coming to iPhone This Fall

Everything Apple Announced Today At Their iPhone 7 Event That Actually Matters

Apple’s Switch to Squirt Gun Emoji Triggers Flood of Emotions

2016.08.07 03

Apple earlier this week announced its decision to change the gun emoji in iOS 10, to be released this fall. It plans to substitute an image of a green-and-orange squirt gun for the existing image of a black pistol.

The new version of the gun is one of more than 100 new and redesigned emoji characters that will be available in iOS 10.

The change appears to be a reflection of Apple’s stance against gun violence.

The company earlier this year led the fight to get the Unicode Consortium, which specifies the representation of text in modern software products and standards, to reject an emoji depicting a rifle.

News of Apple’s emoji change has sparked a debate.

Apple’s Switch to Squirt Gun Emoji Triggers Flood of Emotions

Apple Patents Tech to Foil Concert Pirates

2016.07.26 03

A patent for an infrared system that could be used to shut off iPhone cameras and microphones at live performances is one of dozens awarded to Apple last month.

The company first applied for a patent for the infrared camera system in 2011, according to Patently Apple, which noted the technology’s great potential.

The system could assist the music and movie industries by automatically disabling camera functions at movies or concerts. However, the technology could have other applications as well — for example, turning an iOS device into a museum or city tour guide, or a source of product information at a retail outlet.

How It Works

The camera described in Apple’s patent would detect more than an image. If the image contained an infrared signal with encoded data, the data would be routed to circuitry in the camera to decode the data.

One possible way of using the data the infrared signal delivered could be to display information to users about objects next to them — a painting in a museum, for example.

Another way of using the data could be to disable camera functions.

Apple Patents Tech to Foil Concert Pirates

New Apple Health App to Serve as Organ Donation Matchmaker

2016.07.11 03

Apple and Donate Life America on Tuesday announced a partnership to offer an organ donation app when the new iOS 10 update becomes available this fall. iPhone users will be able to register for the program with a couple taps of a button.

They’ll be able to sign up to make organ, eye or tissue donations, automatically entering their information in the National Donate Life Registry, which is managed by Donate Life America.

The program can help speed organ donations to about 120,000 people currently waiting for some form of organ or tissue transplant, according to the companies.

There currently are more than 29,000 people a year receiving transplants, but one person dies every hour however waiting for an organ to become available. The hope is that this electronic registry will help connect more potential donors with patients who desperately need to find a match.

New Apple Health App to Serve as Organ Donation Matchmaker