Welcome to HouseCall. We’re here to help you with technology. Whether its a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, smart phone or another device, our goal is to take the worry and frustration out of using it so that you can enjoy your time at home and be productive at work or school. We’ll even look at “smart” TV’s and video game systems – if a device isn’t doing what you’d like it to, we can help.

Call us if:

  • Your computer won’t start up or has slowed down
  • Web pages load slowly or your internet connection is slow
  • You’re concerned about viruses, malware or internet security
  • Devices like your printer, sound or keyboard aren’t working
  • You need help connecting a device to your network
  • Your network reception is poor
  • You need files from a crashed computer

We can help. The doctor is in.

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Here are some sample services we provide. Call if you have questions about whether or not we can help you!

Computer Services

  • Remote or in-person maintenance, backup, tune-ups and anti-virus service
  • Computer setup, including reformatting and complete reinstallation
  • Hardware installation and configuration – both internal and external devices
  • Software installation, configuration and upgrade
  • Network setup – both wired & wireless
  • Training in basic computer and internet skills including email and smartphones

Network Services

  • Wired & wireless network setup and security
  • Connecting computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices to your network
  • Network troubleshooting and upgrade

Data Recovery

  • Basic data recovery for lost files (pictures, music, other documents
  • Transferring files from one computer to another, or from a hard drive or other media
  • Data backup to minimize or prevent loss of files

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