Dark Sky, the Up-to-the-Minute Weather App, Now Works In Your Browser


Web: Dark Sky is one of the coolest weather apps, providing minute-by-minute weather tracking. Up until now, it’s only been available on iOS or Android phones, but now everyone can finally use it on the web.

The website lets you explore the weather around you in a bit more detail than you can find on your phone. You can look ahead at your forecast to see tons of details about the weather in the near future like temperature, humidity, wind, pressure, and more. The company has also added some interesting interactive weather maps to the web version, so you can explore the temperature, precipitation radar, and even the ozone across the world.

Dark Sky, the Up-to-the-Minute Weather App, Now Works In Your Browser

A Screenshot Tour of Allo, Google’s New Smart Messaging App


Google just launched Allo, a new smart messaging app that comes with stickers, emoji, and a powerful assistant who can answer all your questions. Let’s take a look at its biggest features, and see if it’s worth moving all your conversations over to it.

A Screenshot Tour of Allo, Google’s New Smart Messaging App

Google’s Hangouts Extension Operates More Like Its Own App Now


Chrome: Google has released an update to its Hangouts extension that gives it a bit of a new look alongside some new functionality.

The new version of the extension puts the design in line with the Android and iOS apps. It also makes it so the extension works more like a standalone app. This means it’ll work when it’s closed, and you can pin Hangouts to your Dock or taskbar. If you used the now-defunct Hangouts app, the extension seems like a solid replacement. You can snag the update now.

Google’s Hangouts Extension Operates More Like Its Own App Now

11 best apps for timid first-time investors


Start investing in the palm of your hand with these beginner-friendly smartphone apps.

Investing in the stock market for the first time might feel overwhelming, but with modern technology it’s easy to get involved and start making returns on your investments quickly. Ideally, you look for an app with lots of investing research and data available, as well as low costs and a good user interface.

Apps were evaluated in four categories and given a rating from one to five in each category. These categories included user-friendliness, cost, investing strategy and effectiveness, and interface and design.

Click ahead to check out 11 free investing apps that can help you transition from an inexperienced first-time investor to someone who knows where to put his money.

11 best apps for timid first-time investors

Here’s the list:

  1. SigFig
  2. Motif
  3. Bloomberg
  4. CNBC
  5. Acorns
  6. Yahoo Finance
  7. Benzinga
  8. Betterment
  9. TD Ameritrade
  10. Robinhood
  11. Wealthfront

Miyamoto on why Mario is finally coming to smartphones


Miyamoto said that the iPhone version of Mario’s latest gaming adventure, called Super Mario Run, has been a year in the making. The delay in bringing the jumping character – originally called Jumpman – to a smartphone was “because up until recently we found that mobile devices weren’t best suited to gaming. But that’s changing.”

VR not quite the right fit for Mario

Asked if he was bringing Mario to the newest gaming platform, virtual reality, Miyamoto said that VR wasn’t quite the right fit.

“I would agree that adapting Mario to new platforms is a key to keeping him relevant,” he said. “But we want families to play together, and virtual reality (which requires players to be closed off from the real world) doesn’t really fit well there. We also like people playing for a long time, and it’s hard to do that in VR.”

Miyamoto on why Mario is finally coming to smartphones

Google Maps’ App Adds Alternatives to Booking an Uber Ride

A driver displays Uber and Lyft ride sharing signs on his car windscreen in Santa Monica

Google on Thursday said that it was adding ride-hailing services Lyft and Gett in the U.S. to its mapping service. A button for ordering a Lyft ride will now appear inside the Google Maps app along with a similar one for ordering a Gett ride in New York City, the only U.S. city where Gett operates.

The move gives users more options in Google Maps beyond Uber, which was already available through Google Maps in addition to other transportation options like public transit, walking, and driving. Gett was previously available for U.K. users.

Google Maps’ App Adds Alternatives to Booking an Uber Ride

This software startup can tell your boss if you’re looking for a job


Most people looking for a new job — at least if they currently have one — use their personal email to correspond with a prospective employer. They don’t tell the people they work with they’re being recruited. They slip on a suit jacket for the interview after leaving the office building. In other words, they carry out the process in secret.

Or so they think. A startup that tracks an individual’s job search activity in their public social media accounts is quietly — and some would say creepily — calculating a score it says helps represent how likely each one is to be looking for a job.

The startup, Joberate, scrapes publicly available data from millions of individuals’ online social media accounts, or buys it from other parties, to assign what it calls a “J-Score” that estimates their level of job search activity, likening it to a FICO score. If the person starts following company accounts on Twitter, clicks through to articles about resume writing or career-related content in their Facebook feed, or begins making a bunch of professional connections on LinkedIn, their score goes up. Joberate then shares these scores with clients — typically to help employers keep tabs on talented outsiders or see how engaged their own workers are in their jobs.

This software startup can tell your boss if you’re looking for a job

YouTube’s app for the big screen is being updated today

2016.08.29 05

YouTube may have originated on the desktop (more than a decade ago!), but now mobile and the living room are two of its most important platforms. The latter is receiving an update today: Game consoles, streaming devices like Roku, smart TVs and of course the Chromecast will all get a small but important change. Now, when you load up YouTube, you’ll be presented with a variety of different content tabs right at the top of the interface. It’s now much easier to flip through topics like sports, news, comedy, music, entertainment and so forth.

Google previously had similar categories hidden in the left-side menu bar, but the company thinks that moving them front and center will help users find content faster and keep them watching longer. The categories themselves have also been refined a bit, with some new additions and subtractions getting to the 14 total you’ll find now. It’s something YouTube has been working on ever since it started designing its own consistent interface across the big screen in 2013. Previously, YouTube had an open API that device makers could tap into and make their apps, but that led to inconsistent experiences and new features being left behind.

YouTube’s app for the big screen is being updated today

New Office 365 Features Help Build a Better Research Paper

2016.08.02 02

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a slew of cloud-powered intelligent services in Office 365 apps that aim to assist research and writing efforts.

Researcher lets users access the Bing Knowledge Graph to find and incorporate sources and content for research papers without leaving Word.

Editor uses machine learning and national language processing, combined with input from Microsoft’s linguists, to make proofing and editing suggestions designed to help users improve their writing.

These updates will be rolling out to Office 365 within the coming months, a Microsoft spokesperson said in comments provided to TechNewsWorld by company rep Lenette Larson.

Researcher will be available this month for Word 2016 users. Editor will arrive in August, with expanded capabilities scheduled to roll out this fall.

Microsoft’s plans include expanding Researcher to mobile platforms.

New Office 365 Features Help Build a Better Research Paper

New Apple Health App to Serve as Organ Donation Matchmaker

2016.07.11 03

Apple and Donate Life America on Tuesday announced a partnership to offer an organ donation app when the new iOS 10 update becomes available this fall. iPhone users will be able to register for the program with a couple taps of a button.

They’ll be able to sign up to make organ, eye or tissue donations, automatically entering their information in the National Donate Life Registry, which is managed by Donate Life America.

The program can help speed organ donations to about 120,000 people currently waiting for some form of organ or tissue transplant, according to the companies.

There currently are more than 29,000 people a year receiving transplants, but one person dies every hour however waiting for an organ to become available. The hope is that this electronic registry will help connect more potential donors with patients who desperately need to find a match.

New Apple Health App to Serve as Organ Donation Matchmaker