Back To School

The new school year is almost upon us! For some, we’re sending the kids off to school for the first time. For others, our children are returning after a summer off. Older teens might be starting college, and some of us adults are continuing our education as well.

In this new age, technology has become a vital part of the education process. We can help you to select a new computer, clean and maintain your existing computer, and navigate the world of e-learning.

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For kids

Whether you have a computer at home for your school-age kids, or you’re looking at buying one for them, we can help. Older machines can often be brought up-to-speed for younger children to use. There are also online resources available to supplement classroom learning.

We can speak with parents about what’s available and can help teach children how to safely use their computers… and maybe help get their hands off of mommy & daddy’s smartphones and tablets!

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College & Teens

College-age kids are pretty tech-savvy today, especially when it comes to online activities. We can help secure their machines, to reduce their chances of virus and malware attacks, as well as help steer them through online classroom extensions, like Blackboard and Canvas.

We can also help adults connect with kids who are away via apps like Facetime and Skype, as well as help adults dip their toes into Facebook, Instagram and other social-networking sites to stay in touch with kids and family.

Empty nests only mean more room for you when you’re able to keep up with your kids regularly!

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Going back to school can be a daunting task for adults. Younger students are often more-comfortable with the school environment and how technology has changed it. Many classes offer online resources, including coursework using portals such as Blackboard and Canvas.

Let us help you select the right computer for your return-to-school, whether its a desktop machine for use at home or a laptop that you can take to class and use to study on-the-go.

We can even help you to make sense of online classes and other electronic resources, including finding textbooks online so you can save money!