Snap Unveils Eye-Popping Camera Spectacles

Snap, the company formerly known as “Snapchat,” on Saturday announced sunglasses that take videos through a built-in camera in the frame — bringing to mind Google’s controversial Glass product.

Snap’s Spectacles let users take 10-second videos by tapping a button on the top left-hand corner of the eyeframe. Users can tap on the record button to record another 10-second segment. They can record videos up to 30 seconds long in all.

The videos can be stored locally or transmitted over WiFi or Bluetooth to Android and iOS devices.

The Spectacles immediately bring to mind Google Glass, which caused Google no end of trouble. The headgear stirred strong opposition from privacy groups. Some bars, restaurants and other businesses serving the public banned them. Some users were violently accosted.

Snap Unveils Eye-Popping Camera Spectacles