This $35 Computer Just Passed a Major Sales Milestone

Raspberry Pi Computer Manufacturing

Makers planned to sell 10,000 but sold 10 million instead.

The Raspberry Pi is quite a phenomenon in the computing world—a stripped-down computer that doesn’t even come with a case, let alone software, but that costs just $35 and has proven a hit with kids and other tinkerers.

Such a hit, in fact, that the U.K.-based Raspberry Pi Foundation has now sold 10 million of the things.

As Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton noted in a Thursday blog post, the original idea was just to get more people applying to study computer science at the University of Cambridge.

To celebrate the 10-million-sold milestone, the foundation announced a £99 ($132) starter kit that comes with some of the add-ons that people tend to buy for the core product—am HDMI cable, a mouse and keyboard, a power supply, an SD card for the free downloadable Linux operating system, and a case. Oh, and an educational book aimed at helping younger users get started.

This $35 Computer Just Passed a Major Sales Milestone