11 best apps for timid first-time investors


Start investing in the palm of your hand with these beginner-friendly smartphone apps.

Investing in the stock market for the first time might feel overwhelming, but with modern technology it’s easy to get involved and start making returns on your investments quickly. Ideally, you look for an app with lots of investing research and data available, as well as low costs and a good user interface.

Apps were evaluated in four categories and given a rating from one to five in each category. These categories included user-friendliness, cost, investing strategy and effectiveness, and interface and design.

Click ahead to check out 11 free investing apps that can help you transition from an inexperienced first-time investor to someone who knows where to put his money.

11 best apps for timid first-time investors

Here’s the list:

  1. SigFig
  2. Motif
  3. Bloomberg
  4. CNBC
  5. Acorns
  6. Yahoo Finance
  7. Benzinga
  8. Betterment
  9. TD Ameritrade
  10. Robinhood
  11. Wealthfront