The Best Smart Lights You Can Buy

2016.08.29 08

Smart home gadgets can make your life way more convenient. The trouble is, a lot of them aren’t very good — and they can become more of a headache than a convenience.

That’s particularly true for smart lighting. If you know what to get, smart lighting can be surprisingly helpful and do some pretty cool things: turn off when you leave the house, turn on when you come home, make lights warmer or cooler throughout the day, and flash to notify you of events or new information, making lighting even more useful than normal.

But it’s really, really important that you pick out the right system. A good smart lighting system is easy to install, easy to use, and gives you plenty of options for how to set up your home. A bad system, on the other hand, might fail all of that and be a pain day after day. And once you buy into a lighting system, you’re more-or-less stuck with it, so you’d better make the right choice.

Fortunately, there’s one clear standout for best smart lights.

The Best Smart Lights You Can Buy