Zenbo Home Robot Pours on the Charm

2016.06.13 04

Asus recently unveiled a family robot that can serve as a home healthcare assistant, control connected devices in the smart home, monitor security, perform various online tasks, and function as a playmate, among other things.

Asus’ Zenbo made its debut at last month’s Computex computer show.

At the same time, Asus launched a program that provides devs with access to the Zenbo SDK.

Zenbo will be priced at US$600, but Asus did not announce when it will be available to consumers.

Zenbo, which bears a resemblance to popular movie robot WALL-E, is capable of moving freely and independently around a family home.

It has a camera with facial recognition that can take photos and videos, make video calls, and function as a remote-controlled camera monitor.

Zenbo can hear and respond to natural language voice commands, Asus said. It can provide voice reminders and tell stories. It can play music over its high-quality stereo system.

Zenbo can connect to and control smart home devices, assist users in shopping online, and interact with social media and other online services.

Proactive artificial intelligence lets Zenbo learn and adapt to user preferences, Asus said.

Zenbo Home Robot Pours on the Charm