Twitter Users Snared in Dark Web’s Brisk Password Trade

2016.06.13 02

Data stolen from more than 32 million Twitter users has been offered for sale on the dark web for 10 bitcoin, or around US$5,800, LeakedSource reported Wednesday. LeakedSource has added the account and email information to its searchable repository of compromised credentials.

The data set came from someone called “,” who has been connected to other large collections of compromised data, including the credentials for 425 million MySpace accounts. The Twitter information consists of 32,888,300 records, LeakedSource said, with each record containing such information as email addresses, usernames and passwords.

The information likely came from compromised user systems rather than from a breach of Twitter’s systems, according to LeakedSource.

The hackers were able to infect tens of millions of users’ systems with malware that collected saved username and password information from browsers like Chrome and Firefox, the firm explained.

Twitter Users Snared in Dark Web’s Brisk Password Trade