HPE Wants Open Source Devs to Kick The Machine Into Gear

2016.06.13 03

Hewlett Packard Enterprise on Tuesday announced it was open-sourcing The Machine to spur development of the infant computer design project.

HPE has invited the open source community to collaborate on its largest and most notable research project yet. The Machine focuses on reinventing the architecture underlying all computers built in the past 60 years.

The new design model switches to a memory-driven computing architecture. Bringing in open source developers early in the software development cycle will familiarize them with the fundamental shift, and could aid development of components of The Machine from the ground up.

The Machine expands the boundaries of computer task performance. Powered by hundreds of petabytes of fast memory, it remembers the user’s history and integrates that knowledge to inform real-time situational decisions. Users can apply the results to predict, prevent and respond to future events, according to Bdale Garbee, HPE Fellow in the Office of HPE’s CTO.

HPE Wants Open Source Devs to Kick The Machine Into Gear